12 + 1 imprescindibles en Córdoba

Few are fully aware of the richness of Cordoba’s monumental heritage, which preserves great vestiges of Roman, Arab and Christian times. For this reason, from Casa Sirfantas we want to help you appreciate the culture of our city by making a selection of essentials that you cannot miss during your visit:

  1. The Mosque-Cathedral.
  2. The Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs.
  3. The Roman Bridge.
  4. Calleja de las Flores.
  5. Visit the Julio Romero de Torres Museum, famous painter of Cordoba women.
  6. Take a walk through the San Basilio neighborhood.
  7. Discover at night the Cristo de los Faroles located in the Plaza de los Capuchinos.
  8. Rest by giving yourself a massage in the Hammam Al Ándalus Arab baths.
  9. Contemplate the beauty of the Viana Palace
  10. The Royal Stables
  11. Take a guided visit to Medina Azahara, the largest archaeological site in Spain with an area of ​​113 hectares.
  12. Have a beer in the Plaza de la Corredera
  13. Get lost in the streets of the Jewish neighborhood.